Can Paper Empire change the way we think about Crypto?

Robert Gillings’ upcoming show, Paper Empire, grapples with a lot of pressure to deliver. The show’s thrilling premiere, which was available to a select group of broadcasting rights bidders, generated significant buzz and almost overshadowed other events at the recent MIPTV. Movies and Documentaries like Fortress (2021) and The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin (2022) have explored themes of financial corruption and disruption. Yet, very few TV shows have tackled these issues in a serialized format, which is what makes Paper Empire such an exciting prospect. Recent shows with comparable motifs include:

  • Mr. Robot – a hacker/vigilante recruited by a hacking group targeting the ‘one percent’ with plenty of crypto storylines.
  • Startup – a computer whiz behind a new digital currency is slowly dragged into the criminal underworld of dark web and money launderers.
  • Silicon Valley – features a fictional startup creating its own digital coin and details of the world of assets, with inspiration from real blockchain companies.
  • Black Mirror – episodes featuring virtual credits earned through activities and social credits shaping dystopian societies.
  • Billions – explores the shenanigans of the financial world, pitting hedge funds against the legal system, with season 5 addressing cryptocurrency themes.

Paper Empire’s Storyline

The show’s central premise revolves around the downfall of a financial fraudster, Laurence Fintch, played by Robert Davi. While the concept of a Bernie Madoff-style villain is not new to the screen, recent shows have managed to set themselves apart by introducing a distinctive twist to the storyline.

Paper Empire’s use of virtual currency technology (as is often seen in many popular new shows of this genre) is a refreshing change from the typical crime drama formula. Furthermore, given the ongoing decline in the crypto market, it is an opportune time to draw attention to the increasing reliance on cryptocurrency in the modern financial landscape.

The storyline basically follows Laurence’s rise to power as well as his eventual arrest by the FBI, leading to a journey that he never could have anticipated. Yeah, this single sentence can not justify the intricacies and complexities that Paper Empire offers. Click here to view the show’s trailer.

The trailer hints at the exceptional production design and cinematography, which often offer an immersive visual experience together.

Who’s Who in Paper Empire?

Robert Davi has managed to deliver a strong performance that adds a lot of depth to Laurence Fintch. And here’s the rest of the cast:

Veteran model and actress Carol Alt grace the screen in eight episodes of the upcoming show. Known for her iconic roles in blockbuster movies like Private Parts, Deadly Past, Dawn of Sex, and To Rome with Love, Alt is set to bring her unmatched talent and energy to the Empire.

Similarly, Tony Schiena’s role as Trascur is one of the most anticipated characters in the series. Known for a variety of roles on and off screen, including the real-life role of the CEO of a defense company, Schiena is expected to bring a lot of intensity and grit to the display.

Stacked with esteemed and celebrated artists, the stakes of Paper Empire have been set high. Each character has a unique persona that adds to the complexity of the storyline.

What kind of impact will the show have on the world of crypto?

According to Director Gillings, Paper Empire’s main focus is on mystifying questions surrounding cryptocurrencies, such as whether Warren Buffet’s claim that they are “rat poison” holds any truth, and why the U.S. Treasury Department has yet to shut them down.

The Director also raises concerns about mining and the release of uncontrollable mathematical algorithms, and questions what these algorithms are really doing.

The increasing digitization of the global economy raises concerns about the future of cryptocurrencies. “Will they become obsolete once fiat currencies and central banks go digital?” Gillings’ questions around mining and the blockchain are important to consider, as they highlight the potential risks associated with the rapid growth of crypto as an industry.

Now, can Paper Empire change the way we view crypto? Well, the show certainly adds to the ongoing conversation about the potential risks and rewards of blockchain technology. It’s still worth noting that Paper Empire is a work of fiction.

Of course, the impact Paper Empire is going to have on the world of crypto is yet to be seen. As with any show, we can’t solely rely on the hype to determine its potential influence. However, the questions and topics Director Gillings and the Paper Empire team are raising in the show are certainly relevant to the current state of the crypto industry. This makes it an interesting show to anticipate, both for crypto enthusiasts and general audiences alike.

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